Wow – this rock just came out in a burst! Like an erupting mountain releasing all its lava…It took me about 15-20 minutes, no thinking about it, just painting…
koru hand painted rock
The weather has been pretty amazing over the last few days; warm, cool, windy, raining – all seasons in one day which is not uncommon for Taranaki! And the weather always reflects my emotions, not sure why but like our maunga Taranaki who has a major effect on me, the weather has been so up and down and so have I.
I’ve shed a lot of skin over the past few days, released a lot of “stuff” to the wind and to the sea…We went swimming in the sea yesterday and even though the initial contact with the water was absolutely freezing, it was very cleansing. I could feel the waters wash over me, healing…I really felt like I was getting a good internal and external cleanse.
Change is in the air, new life, new beginnings, passion for what is to come and expansion into the unknown and the untouched.

I am so excited for the future 🙂
And it is the last day of the month!!! 31 days = 31 rocks, now that is an achievement for me!
Hei apopo – until tomorrow,
Jo 🙂


So our SCANZ art residency is officially over and it seems like only yesterday that we the artists embarked on a journey together.
That is the amazing part about gatherings like this – you spend time with others and form life long relationships that continue to inspire and inform what you do into the future. And you always have wonderful memories of that shared experience.
I have met so many wonderful people from all around the world on this residency – from NZ, Belgium, Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, Hungary – such a mix of people with amazing talent and personalities! I was inspired every day by all of these people who although did not work in the same way that I did, were all very passionate about what they do.
koru hand painted rock
That inspires me to continue on my journey with a new view and perspective of the world and an even deeper understanding of our connection to the environment. Here’s to friendship…
Jo 🙂
PS – another ambient night photo – I’m getting good at these! I paint by day and photograph by night…now that the residency is over I will have more time to get back into the flow of painting by day and photographing by day! Ma te wa x

The Circle of Life

This is the third white rock in a row that I have painted (well actually four – one of them I didn’t post) and it has been a continuation of this spiral, this koru that goes round and round, the circle of life…it was also the last rock that I painted for an installation piece Angelo and I worked on together for the art residency which combined his work with recycled computer technology and living organisms with my hand painted rocks.
koru hand painted rocks
The circle of life, a continuation of life, a sharing of life, new beginnings, balance, as the form goes in and so it goes out…
I imagine I will be talking a lot about the koru / spiral over the coming year – its form, its meaning, its importance, its universal significance.
Ma te wa,
Jo x
PS – am posting this rock that I painted two days ago as I just didn’t have time to post it two days ago! Will be back in the flow of things again now…

Getting Back To Basics

I was having conversation today about the importance of one’s connection to self. Because you can have all the degrees in the world and yet if you are not happy within yourself what good is that?
I am not saying that education is not good, I think we should be constantly learning but if we rely on our degrees and accolades to make us feel good about ourselves then we have missed the point really.
koru hand painted rock
I think we over intellectualise things sometimes, we critically over-analyse and often through doing this we remove the essence of what it is that is in front of us.
What if we were to remove our intellects and were to just be – even just for a moment?
What if we were to just stop and breathe in the moment and allow ourselves to do this?
I love this rock because it has a sense of balance, rangi and papa…it was taken on a park bench just outside the art residency space where we are working…and three days in a row – the same colour!
Hei apopo – ma te wa,
Jo x


Day 27 – so what will I speak about today? (Btw, it is now Day 28 and I am posting this from yesterday!)
Well, so much happened today! Angelo and I had a radio interview with Davey Haskell at the Most FM and then we had another korero with Tipene and Tamzyn at Te Korimako o Taranaki. I was also video editing and trying to chase the courier to send a DVD to Gisborne but it didn’t happen and then a beautiful presentation in the park by Gisell and Stefan who are with us on the art residency…oh and a bit of an emotional outburst when I didn’t get to that courier but such is life ne? And a whole lot of other stuff in between…
So I want to talk about expectation today – expectation of self actually and how much we limit ourselves and our life experiences by the expectations we place upon ourselves. And others at times. We want the world to be a certain way, we want the world to be perfect often at the expense of authentic relationships and experiences and we will do anything to have that perfect world!
Life is not like that I don’t think. I am not perfect and this is something I am consciously remembering everyday…
koru hand painted rocks
Expectation has often been for me about being in control, wanting to control a situation through fear, lack of trust in self or others and not wanting to be out of control…
I am not perfect, and in letting go of my need to be perfect for others or for myself I allow myself to really experience the beauty of life, otherwise I miss that. And the rock that I have painted today has another simple koru which has been placed on an imperfect rock. I like it though..
Ma te wa – until then,
PS – I took this photo in the early hours of the morning when I realised I hadn’t photographed it after I had painted it. Another ambient light photo taken while holding the rock in my hand. I feel like I’ve taken all my imperfections and allowed them to just sit in the palm of my hand and to just be…

Collaboration = Connection = Change

Well I was thinking I’ve probably run out of things to talk about – 26 days is a lot of rocks and a lot of talking!
But everyday is an opportunity for me to learn something and to share an experience with others…
So I was having a conversation with Trudy today about storytelling and the power of storytelling to bring about change and how in order for there to be real change, an emotional connection needs to happen.
koru hand painted rocks
And it was a conversation that popped up as we spoke into a story box, an actual box with a microphone attached where people can sit down and share their stories about connection. It is an art work by an artist in Australia who although wasn’t there in the physical, had sent this box as her way of connecting to others through story…it’s a nice gesture I think…
So we sat with this box (yes really) and spoke about collaboration and how in working with others, we can see another perspective, we can learn to work with someone who perhaps has different views to our own and from that place of collaboration and connection, change can happen.
So I’m on an art residency right now and the most important thing for me has been about connection, working on collaborative works with others, projects that I would never have thought I would be working on and which have challenged every part of my being at times! But they have been projects that have changed me, that have inspired me to create new work, to explore new worlds and to value what I have right here in front of me.