So our SCANZ art residency is officially over and it seems like only yesterday that we the artists embarked on a journey together.
That is the amazing part about gatherings like this – you spend time with others and form life long relationships that continue to inspire and inform what you do into the future. And you always have wonderful memories of that shared experience.
I have met so many wonderful people from all around the world on this residency – from NZ, Belgium, Australia, Spain, UK, Canada, Hungary – such a mix of people with amazing talent and personalities! I was inspired every day by all of these people who although did not work in the same way that I did, were all very passionate about what they do.
koru hand painted rock
That inspires me to continue on my journey with a new view and perspective of the world and an even deeper understanding of our connection to the environment. Here’s to friendship…
Jo 🙂
PS – another ambient night photo – I’m getting good at these! I paint by day and photograph by night…now that the residency is over I will have more time to get back into the flow of painting by day and photographing by day! Ma te wa x

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