Mahi To Do

I have a mind map on the wall with a BIG “Mahi To DO” in the middle and a whole lot of things around the outside to complete before I leave. Well not all before I leave but most before I leave.
koru hand painted rocks
But I’m looking at it and thinking, that’s a lot of things around that circle and that is totally an artist’s circle! Not in a straight line one thing after another.

Although I do have one of those lists too because once I finish with the mind map, I transfer it to my TO DO book that has actual lists with things to tick off. Aha – you thought I was totally in circles didn’t you – there is SOME logic to me!
But my point being (other than rambling on to myself here) is that we can still be organised and on to it as artists who think in circles and back to front and upside down and we can achieve so much more when we allow our circular ways of thinking to merge seamlessly (I like this word) with a little bit of logic – just a little though.
Ok, I’ll admit I’m a bit brain dead right now, possibly a bit delirious but do you know what I mean? No wonder some of us feel like we’re p***ing in the wind at school when it and it’s total logic and structure was never made for us…but that is another story… anyway I better haere ki te moe!
Nope – can’t – got “mahi to do!”
Now is this right brain or left brain speaking here?
Jo x
PS – Day 243 – woohoo!! And a pinch and a punch for the last day of the month and NO returns!

To Be a Child Again

To be in awe like a child, satisfied with the simplest of things…
Oh to be a child again, to remember freedom with no boundaries or limitations.
To understand life in all it’s beauty and wonder…
koru hand painted rocks
Excited in the present, no knowledge of past or future, just present…
How to return to that place of knowing and understanding, to live, I mean really live.
Sharing, loving, giving, happy with what is… no need for material things, just living, right here, right now, not a worry in the world…
Jo x

Ahi Kaa

Ahi Kaa – the hot embers glowing remind me of my ancestors crouched around a fire watching… sharing a story or two…
koru hand painted rocks
Ahi Kaa – keeping the fires burning at home. Keeping the fire alive for whānau to come home to. Maintaining your intrinsic connection to the land and the environment and remembering that this is where I belong.
Ahi Kaa – can be carried within. I carry my ahi kaa within as a reminder of where I come from, who I am and I know one day if the desire arises to return to my tūrangawaewae – my place to stand, the fire is still burning for me…
Ahi Kaa – identity, warmth, nurture, comfort, belong, security, stability.
Ahi Kaa – keeping the fires burning…
Jo x

Tui Tui Tuia

Tuia i runga
Tuia i raro
Tuia i roto
Tuia i waho
Tui tui tuia
koru hand painted rocks
I remember this waiata from ages ago at school! And like most Māori waiata we learnt in mainstream school (which was very few), I really didn’t know what any of them meant.
So now when I recite these words, they have a whole new meaning for me.
The tūī is one of our native birds that is identified by it’s beautiful iridescent feathers and white tuft at the front on it’s neck. They are one of my favourite birds!
Tui also means to sew, or weave together so the significance of these words for me now is about weaving together, an understanding that everything is connected, connecting with one another…
I share this kōrero about the tūī today because I saw nine tui today while walking – yes nine!
I stopped to count them and there were seven to begin with and then two more flew over to join in the chorus. It was a hub of activity I tell ya! And these were the ones that I saw – I heard many others calling from a distance too…
So a special time of year to remember our connections to one another, to weave together our stories of old and our new stories and to welcome Koanga – Springtime – yus!
Jo : )

Day 239 – Fear Revisited

I cast my mind back to Jan 1st 2011.


Fear was fully there and I remember sitting at my computer thinking, shall I push the button or shouldn’t I? I sat there for at least two hours. I remember it was late.
koru hand painted rocks
All sorts of things going through my mind – people are not gonna like what you do, why would they want to look at a rock and why would they want to listen to anything you say? And why, and why…all the reasons under the sun not to push that button.
And then I pushed it – as scary as it was I pushed that button and that post was out there in the universe for all to see along with my commitment to paint a rock every day for 2011.
And now it is Day 239 and I’m heading for the finish line – there’s no stopping me now! I’m committed and soon this challenge will be done and dusted and I will be onto the next thing.
But, so many things have happened as a result of this project and I’m OVER the moon at what has been achieved, the people I’ve met, the people I will meet in the future. I’ve healed so much of me, shared so many things, opened myself up to the world of possibility and I may not have fully gotten over that fear yet but there are more moments now than ever where I’m in my element and nothing can stop me.
So I just wanted to share this tonight even though you may have already heard it before! I remember my words, “fear is so gonna get kicked to the curb this year” and I reckon I’ve given it a pretty good kicking haha and still got some more to do!! Bring it!!
Jo x

Out the Other Side

I love this rock but I didn’t really enjoy painting it to begin with because I was quite agitated. It’s another revived rock that I found in the garden, a rock I had started months, maybe years ago but never finished.
koru hand painted rocks
So another green spiral underneath, another rock to be healed from another time and space…
And as always with perseverance, I always make it through.
And I love this rock now! I worked my way through that initial block, into the healing, letting go and allowed the new to come through. I say now THIS is my favourite rock, but I said that the other day too but they are probably all special for me in their own special way because each has been an extension of myself and who I am.
I’m off to watch the Homai te Pakipaki final on Māori TV – starting in 4 minutes – so enjoy!!
Jo x
PS – I have my special offers coming tomorrow… so watch this space : )