Getting Back To Basics

I was having conversation today about the importance of one’s connection to self. Because you can have all the degrees in the world and yet if you are not happy within yourself what good is that?
I am not saying that education is not good, I think we should be constantly learning but if we rely on our degrees and accolades to make us feel good about ourselves then we have missed the point really.
koru hand painted rock
I think we over intellectualise things sometimes, we critically over-analyse and often through doing this we remove the essence of what it is that is in front of us.
What if we were to remove our intellects and were to just be – even just for a moment?
What if we were to just stop and breathe in the moment and allow ourselves to do this?
I love this rock because it has a sense of balance, rangi and papa…it was taken on a park bench just outside the art residency space where we are working…and three days in a row – the same colour!
Hei apopo – ma te wa,
Jo x

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