Mountain to Sea

koru hand painted rocks


Rain dribbles down a thick glass window – well worn it has had many eyes look out to contemplate with nature – like thin shreds of lace hanging down, some slow some fast, rain crystals, each one unique, shining reflections upon reflections, alive…

We are in Ohakune at the moment – and this is my second to last rock for the year – my goodness! Quite overwhelming actually but also very exciting! The day has been rain, calm, rain, calm – all day! It is raining now… nice and refreshing…
koru hand painted rocks
Driving through the central plateau this morning was just stunning. You know when you drive through a place and you are in the presence of something greater than yourself, a sense of belonging, spirit is alive in amongst these beautiful maunga (mountain) – Tongariro, Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe and Pihanga. Ka mihi atu ki a koutou. I greet you and I honour your presence.

Ahhhh what a journey… last Friday I greeted my maunga Matawhaura on the shores of Lake Rotoiti and my marae Houmaitawhiti – ko tōku māma tēna. Today we left Rotorua and on my way out I greeted my maunga Tarawera – ko tōku māma anō tēna and then we arrive in amongst these beautiful mountains… it’s all connected.

I greet all these maunga and remember the connection to my maunga Taranaki, the journey that he took in his haste, leaving love behind to forge out a pathway along the Wanganui river to be where he is today…our spiritual mountain that has given me so much healing…

Tomorrow we head to the Wanganui river, to running water, a lifeline of Papatūānuku, a bloodline that runs through the earth from sky to the peaks of mountains, through land forming rivers and out to sea, water…

I began this journey with water, in search of a part of me, I am still searching but much of me has been revealed over the year and I end this journey with water… beside water, in water, of water and the next journey will begin…again…with water…

Jo x

I’m not sure what kind of reception I will have up the awa (river) tomorrow so I may not be able to post my rock until I come out into civilisation again – but kei te pai – that’s ok! And the rock will be taken from the river and gifted back once it is finished. Of course I will take a photo!

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  1. kiaora Jo! I have been so excited leading up to today – for you and your rocks and your project. What a gift you have given yourself, and the earth and all of us who have been touched by your dedication to this process of painting rocks and sharing your thoughts/insights daily.

    I am also filled with love, to know that you are by/with the Whanganui awa for the concluding day of your big cycle. If I was a bird (with strong wings) I’d fly over to give you a big feathery hug.

    Thank you for the inspiration you have seeded. It was a blessing to meet you this year. Wishing you much joy and life in the new year and hoping the transition from painting a rock a day to your next practice, is fulfilling.

    Love Ilka Blue xx

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