Collaboration = Connection = Change

Well I was thinking I’ve probably run out of things to talk about – 26 days is a lot of rocks and a lot of talking!
But everyday is an opportunity for me to learn something and to share an experience with others…
So I was having a conversation with Trudy today about storytelling and the power of storytelling to bring about change and how in order for there to be real change, an emotional connection needs to happen.
koru hand painted rocks
And it was a conversation that popped up as we spoke into a story box, an actual box with a microphone attached where people can sit down and share their stories about connection. It is an art work by an artist in Australia who although wasn’t there in the physical, had sent this box as her way of connecting to others through story…it’s a nice gesture I think…
So we sat with this box (yes really) and spoke about collaboration and how in working with others, we can see another perspective, we can learn to work with someone who perhaps has different views to our own and from that place of collaboration and connection, change can happen.
So I’m on an art residency right now and the most important thing for me has been about connection, working on collaborative works with others, projects that I would never have thought I would be working on and which have challenged every part of my being at times! But they have been projects that have changed me, that have inspired me to create new work, to explore new worlds and to value what I have right here in front of me.

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