Three Stones

These are three new personalised stones painted recently for a couple (a gift to each other from each other!) and one for another of their friends. I love the colours in these stones.

The brief for the top stone was to NOT use light colours. This was very difficult as I’m used to always bringing light colours into the mix!Three Stones
As an intuitive painter, I felt a strong urge to bring some light into this stone even though it may be under the surface.
This stone is beautiful – and full of light! So it was an interesting project for me – do I paint exactly what my client wants, or do I go with my intuition as I’ve always done? And it brought a thought to mind, sometimes what we want is not actually what we need.

I enjoy painting personal stones for people. You never know how each stone is going to turn out and each stone is unique with it’s own special story.

If you are interested in having a personal stone painted for you visit my personalised works of art page for more info – I would love to hear from you.
Jo x

Personalised Stone

I love creating personal stones for people. It is an opportunity for me to spend some time connecting with a stone and it’s story.

This is a stone painted for Natacha who wanted to give something personal to a friend. She spoke briefly about her friend and then left the rest up to me!

Sometimes people will share their stories with me to include in the design of the stone, or they leave it up to me and my intuition. Regardless, each stone is painted intuitively. Each design is unique and there is never any drawing just painting straight on to the stone.Personalised Hand Painted Stone

What I love about personalised stones is that they are exactly that – personal. They are specifically created for the person and become timeless gifts that can be handed down to future generations.

If you are interested in purchasing a personalised stone – visit here – I would love to hear from you!


Jo 🙂

A Leaf Out of a Book

I’ve decided to start posting pages from my up and coming “KOHATU” book that will be a collection of the 365 stories from the Rock a Day project I completed in 2011.

It has been a huge undertaking, huger than I expected but also very exciting! The process of going back over each day, reading through the stories, comments that have been posted by people who had in some way connected with the stones, this has reminded me of the importance of this project.

Each stone became a stepping stone, not only for me but for many around the world and in creating this book, the words, images and stones will become a timeless memory whose stories will still be as relevant in 10, or 20 or 50 years time, as they are now.

It will be nice to look back when I’m a kuia (grandmother) and say oh I remember that project and still marvel at the wonderful connection and conversation that went on during the year.

So enjoy this post – there are more gems to come!


Jo x


koru hand painted rocks

The rain keeps falling. The drive here to the river was a bumpy one, dodging rocks that had fallen from cliffs up high… but we got here! A swollen river beckons even though I can’t see it, I know it is there, flowing a strong current…
koru hand painted rocks
We are at Ruaka marae beside the Wanganui river and despite the rain not letting up, it is very cleansing…

Kids playing outside in the rain today, enjoying the gifts of Ranginui, celebrating his love for Papatūānuku our earth mother. How could we not celebrate his aroha for her and the mists that meander through the hills and mountains that greet him with her warmth…

So I’ve reached Day 365 – I did not know what this rock was going to look like and when I started it I was like hmmm… expectation again! Even at the end of the year – but then I can see, a moving river with many twists and turns, mists rising, rain falling… flowing water…

What a year it has been! So many wonderful connections, sharing with one another, healing… Who would have thought such a simple offering could be so powerful!

Koha-tu – a special gift. A gift of aroha, a gift of connection, of sharing with one another, the sharing of breath, of life through nature, art and words… I am grateful, amazed, pleased, overwhelmed… eight more hours until the new year… a new beginning a new project to begin.

Ngā manaakitanga ki a tātou katoa i tēnei wā o te tau hou. Thank-you all for such an amazing journey. I’ll see you at the start of the next project but for now enjoying the moment.

Jo x

Mountain to Sea

koru hand painted rocks


Rain dribbles down a thick glass window – well worn it has had many eyes look out to contemplate with nature – like thin shreds of lace hanging down, some slow some fast, rain crystals, each one unique, shining reflections upon reflections, alive…

We are in Ohakune at the moment – and this is my second to last rock for the year – my goodness! Quite overwhelming actually but also very exciting! The day has been rain, calm, rain, calm – all day! It is raining now… nice and refreshing…
koru hand painted rocks
Driving through the central plateau this morning was just stunning. You know when you drive through a place and you are in the presence of something greater than yourself, a sense of belonging, spirit is alive in amongst these beautiful maunga (mountain) – Tongariro, Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe and Pihanga. Ka mihi atu ki a koutou. I greet you and I honour your presence.

Ahhhh what a journey… last Friday I greeted my maunga Matawhaura on the shores of Lake Rotoiti and my marae Houmaitawhiti – ko tōku māma tēna. Today we left Rotorua and on my way out I greeted my maunga Tarawera – ko tōku māma anō tēna and then we arrive in amongst these beautiful mountains… it’s all connected.

I greet all these maunga and remember the connection to my maunga Taranaki, the journey that he took in his haste, leaving love behind to forge out a pathway along the Wanganui river to be where he is today…our spiritual mountain that has given me so much healing…

Tomorrow we head to the Wanganui river, to running water, a lifeline of Papatūānuku, a bloodline that runs through the earth from sky to the peaks of mountains, through land forming rivers and out to sea, water…

I began this journey with water, in search of a part of me, I am still searching but much of me has been revealed over the year and I end this journey with water… beside water, in water, of water and the next journey will begin…again…with water…

Jo x

I’m not sure what kind of reception I will have up the awa (river) tomorrow so I may not be able to post my rock until I come out into civilisation again – but kei te pai – that’s ok! And the rock will be taken from the river and gifted back once it is finished. Of course I will take a photo!