The Circle of Life

This is the third white rock in a row that I have painted (well actually four – one of them I didn’t post) and it has been a continuation of this spiral, this koru that goes round and round, the circle of life…it was also the last rock that I painted for an installation piece Angelo and I worked on together for the art residency which combined his work with recycled computer technology and living organisms with my hand painted rocks.
koru hand painted rocks
The circle of life, a continuation of life, a sharing of life, new beginnings, balance, as the form goes in and so it goes out…
I imagine I will be talking a lot about the koru / spiral over the coming year – its form, its meaning, its importance, its universal significance.
Ma te wa,
Jo x
PS – am posting this rock that I painted two days ago as I just didn’t have time to post it two days ago! Will be back in the flow of things again now…

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