There are a lot of videos on the internet showing the devastation of the disaster in Japan, footage that you would not see on mainstream television. I can’t bring myself to watch it right now. The comments are painting a picture for me and it scares me to even take a look! A lot of healing to take place in the world, a lot of internal healing also.
koru hand painted rocks
I did see in the news that there was a 60 year old man rescued 15km out to sea. That is hope for me. That all is not doom and gloom and there still is life to preserve and hold on to. And every bit of hope there is, we need to hold on to. I celebrate with this man his life, and I also am sad that he will probably never see his wife again who was swept out to sea. And this is one of many many stories, I am sure will emerge. And the reality of many people not seeing their loved ones alive, ever again.
It’s a hot day today in Gisborne, it’s like summer has returned. Such a luxury. I thought about taking my new surfboard out in the sea and then my thoughts were of the people in Japan, the water and ocean that connects us, the loss of life out there…I just couldn’t bring myself to go there…wanting to respect the huge loss of life – it has really affected me.
A time to heal land, a time to heal people.

Self responsibility to heal.
Jo x
PS – another soothing rock to paint, it is a pastel yellow colour called moonbean. The spiral is healing…


I was reading a post yesterday from Ray – a Vipassana meditation friend who had just come off a course serving for 11 days. And he was asking what had gone on in the world while he was on the course. It’s a bit like that when you have no contact with the outside world! I remember coming out of one course in 2001 to front page news that a plane had flown into the World Trade centre! Not great news to come out to but grateful for a balanced and equanimous mind at the time!
But seeing Ray’s post immediately took me back to my first Vipassana meditation course in 1999 and how that experience changed my life forever.
koru hand painted rocks
Not being able to talk for 10 days didn’t bother me. I could handle that, actually I welcomed the silence, peace and tranquility of the meditation centre. The challenge was more about the journey within that I was about to embark on. And how would I cope sitting from 4.30am until 9pm at night – just meditating – and doing this for 10 days! How would I cope??
But I survived, and my life is so much more richer because of it!! And I am a sucker for punishment so I went back for a few more courses over the next six years, just to make sure that the pain (physical and emotional!) was real and perhaps there was a possibility that it would no longer be there? No such luck! But it had become less!
Samadhi is a word that I remember well from my first course and if I could have right focus and right concentration of mind then this would help me get through each moment. And I find that I am still reaping the benefits in my life today. I am not perfect of course and at times I lose focus and get distracted, but less than I used to. And I have so much more awareness now, especially of self.
Jo x

Tumanako – Hope

It’s two days after the earthquake and I can’t help but base my korero around this.
As I write this, the rain is pelting down outside here in Gisborne and I think about the need for water in Otautahi, but at the same time I am so glad that it is not raining there at the moment…I can only ask that the elements hold off and allow rescue and recovery to take place so that people can either take their loved ones home or send them off in peace…
I have plenty of water here and all I want to do is send it down the line because the need there is so much more. The water that we have running out of the tap is SO precious and every time I turn the tap on I am reminded of this limited resource.
koru hand painted rocks
The rain also reminds me of Ranginui’s tears for Papatuanuku, his love for her being expressed, mourning their separation…and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I believe this is Papatuanuku warning that if we continue to deplete our earth’s resources and disrespect mother nature this will continue…
Right now, I treasure and value all that I have and am grateful that I have my family, my friends and a roof over my head…and as my dear friend Marcia in Arizona has said moments ago in a comment on yesterday’s rock, “…hope is our way of looking at the future when we want a positive outcome. Love is our way of acting now to insure that evolution.” Thanks Marcia.
Much love and peace for our earth and our people.
jo x


Day 41
I’m detoxing right now and although its the first day, I can already feel the effects of it. Its like I’ve automatically switched into detox mode! But detox for me is not just about my physical body detoxing, its about detoxing my whole being – if that makes sense! Its like having a tune up and service for the car!
So 3-4 times a year I go through this process of internal audit which includes consciously eating foods that are good for me right now as well as emptying out mentally and emotionally.
koru hand painted rock
As I write this I remember the foods that we used to eat as children (like chocolate and sweet food!) and how my desire to eat them now would often be triggered by my emotions. Of course an emotional food for me! I LOVE chocolate, and I don’t think I will ever stop eating it, but now I am more conscious of when I’m eating it, how much I am eating and whether I’m actually eating as a reaction to something. And I’ve also found a ‘healthy’ chocolate that doesn’t give me headaches and has good ingredients in it!
I have so much to thank Vipassana meditation for. Although I am no longer practicing, the six years that I did practice really set me on the right path and I’m so grateful that it was at a young age. Vipassana was always a big ‘detox’ for me!

Now I’m using the Healing Codes which I think are very similar to Vipassana meditation in that they get to the root of the problem. They work with the energy in the body and I have had some amazing amazing results already with this healing system. So all this is part of my detox journey too…
People might think that I’m pretty hard out with my inner healing detox stuff and thats because I am. Believe me I’ve had a lot to detox and will probably be detoxing for the rest of my life. Life is one big healing journey for me…But I’ve also realised, everything in balance – I like to have fun too!!
And its SO nice to be doing yoga again and stretching out all the tightness that has been holding on over the past few weeks due to full on mahi and inspiration all around me that just kept my brain ticking over! And now I’m home in Gisborne, grounding myself again…until the next journey…
This rock is for Saul whose birthday it is today – Happy birthday Saul! When I was living in Taranaki Saul and Nikki were fantastic for helping me set up systems for my business. As an artist it was hard trying to tell myself that I needed a system to be more efficient because I was quite happy to just let my creativity ‘go with the flow’ lol. But it was the best thing that could have happened for my business. Anyway…giving a plug for Saul and Nikki here http://workflowgroup.co.nz Go check them out!
Jo 🙂

Ko Rangi Ko Papa

Ko Rangi Ko Papa
Ka puta ko Rongo,
Ko Tane Mahuta
Ko Tangaroa
Ko Tumatauenga
Ko Haumietiketike
Ko Tawhirimatea
Tokona te Rangi ki runga
Ko Papa ki raro
Ka puta ki te whai ao ki te ao marama
Tihe i a mauriora!
koru hand painted rock
I just can’t get away from Rangi and Papa because Rangi and Papa is where its at! This is where I get my inspiration from in everything that I do, there is no purer love, than the unconditional love shared between Rangi and Papa and after everything is gone, done and dusted, there is still Rangi and Papa.
I am looking at everything that is happening in the world and am still wondering why people are not paying attention to all these natural disasters? Natural disasters that have been created by the hands of humans and Rangi and Papa are doing their thing I believe…enough is enough they are saying and if we don’t pay attention now and change our ways then there will be consequences…
Lets start now…kia puta ki te whai ao, ki te ao marama – tihe i a mauriora!


Today, we went and watched a movie called Water Whisperers here in New Plymouth. It was about the importance of looking after our water not only for now but for future generations. It also talked about water as being the blood lines of Papatuanuku – our earth mother and if we stop that flow of life by damming or polluting our waterways, then we affect the health of our earth and ultimately ourselves. So we need to look after our planet and ourselves as well!
koru hand painted rocks
Manaaki is a word for me that is about respect and honour. Honouring the mana of another and so when we talk about manaaki whenua, we look after our land and honour our land as sustenance and life giving, something that is living and breathing just as we do. The same with manaaki tangata – honouring the mana of another person, honouring the person as a whole as being sacred and important.
Today I paint this rock for my good friend in Arizona whose birthday it is today! I remember when I travelled to Arizona nearly four years ago, I was treated with the utmost respect by all these beautiful people there who have become my dear friends. They honoured me by looking after me every step of my journey…
I am so grateful for that experience and for the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful spiritual land. I appreciate being able to exhibit my work in downtown Phoenix, spending time on Dine’ land with Eric, on Salt River Pima land with Vanessa and whanau, and all those who looked after me. Linda and friends, Wendy, Rachel, Bob, Roger and whanau, Salina and of course Cheryl whose birthday it is today!! I experienced manaaki tangata at its best on this journey…thank-you!
And thank-you Cheryl for being you and forever a strong support for me. Ra whanau ki a koe and sending you lots of aroha on your special day!
Jo x
PS – the colours of this rock remind me of the deep oranges, reds and browns in Arizona that add depth to the landscape. I was in awe when driving up North to Eric’s land, amazed at the rock formations that dominated the landscape and of course the canyons that were breath-taking! I hope to return one day soon…
PSST – and as Linda puts it 1/12 is done 11/12ths to go!! But whose counting – haha – me!