koru hand painted rocks

The rain keeps falling. The drive here to the river was a bumpy one, dodging rocks that had fallen from cliffs up high… but we got here! A swollen river beckons even though I can’t see it, I know it is there, flowing a strong current…
koru hand painted rocks
We are at Ruaka marae beside the Wanganui river and despite the rain not letting up, it is very cleansing…

Kids playing outside in the rain today, enjoying the gifts of Ranginui, celebrating his love for Papatūānuku our earth mother. How could we not celebrate his aroha for her and the mists that meander through the hills and mountains that greet him with her warmth…

So I’ve reached Day 365 – I did not know what this rock was going to look like and when I started it I was like hmmm… expectation again! Even at the end of the year – but then I can see, a moving river with many twists and turns, mists rising, rain falling… flowing water…

What a year it has been! So many wonderful connections, sharing with one another, healing… Who would have thought such a simple offering could be so powerful!

Koha-tu – a special gift. A gift of aroha, a gift of connection, of sharing with one another, the sharing of breath, of life through nature, art and words… I am grateful, amazed, pleased, overwhelmed… eight more hours until the new year… a new beginning a new project to begin.

Ngā manaakitanga ki a tātou katoa i tēnei wā o te tau hou. Thank-you all for such an amazing journey. I’ll see you at the start of the next project but for now enjoying the moment.

Jo x


  1. While on a trip to the coast of Maine last week, I discovered your website, art and personal thoughts. It is further proof that we are allmconnected as I found you after soming back from gathering rocks on the beach. Since then, I have been pouring over your photos and essays and marvelling at their beauty, simplicity and depth. I would be interested in hacing you create a piece for me, but am unsure of how to go about it. I would also like to create some of my own. I read that you use acrylics, but is there a specific tupe or brand. Also you mentioned sealing them. Can you twll me what you use. I am an artisan jeweler and use many beach stones in my pieces sealing them with bees wax which would not work with the paint.
    I looking forward to hearing from you.
    Namaste, Laura

    1. Kiaora Laura, lovely to hear from you and I absolutely agree that we are all connected! Did you read my personalised works of art page? Have a read of that, then send me an email and we can chat some more. tetekura@xtra.co.nz I enjoy painting personalised stones for people. Each one is unique and intuitively created. You tell me your story and I paint, or I can intuitively paint a stone for you. Yes I use acrylic paint (resene test pots) and use a sealer although I’m looking for a more eco-friendly sealer at the moment. I have used polyurethane and it works very well but am still searching for other options. If you have them inside, they should be fine without sealing but just be mindful of scratching etc. Will talk more soon. Arohanui, Jo 🙂

    2. also I post new stones and words to my FB page and other inspired art work I create, so visit my page in the top right hand corner if you want to see these too. Arohanui, Jo 🙂

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