Personalised Stone

I love creating personal stones for people. It is an opportunity for me to spend some time connecting with a stone and it’s story.

This is a stone painted for Natacha who wanted to give something personal to a friend. She spoke briefly about her friend and then left the rest up to me!

Sometimes people will share their stories with me to include in the design of the stone, or they leave it up to me and my intuition. Regardless, each stone is painted intuitively. Each design is unique and there is never any drawing just painting straight on to the stone.Personalised Hand Painted Stone

What I love about personalised stones is that they are exactly that – personal. They are specifically created for the person and become timeless gifts that can be handed down to future generations.

If you are interested in purchasing a personalised stone – visit here – I would love to hear from you!


Jo 🙂

A Leaf Out of a Book

I’ve decided to start posting pages from my up and coming “KOHATU” book that will be a collection of the 365 stories from the Rock a Day project I completed in 2011.

It has been a huge undertaking, huger than I expected but also very exciting! The process of going back over each day, reading through the stories, comments that have been posted by people who had in some way connected with the stones, this has reminded me of the importance of this project.

Each stone became a stepping stone, not only for me but for many around the world and in creating this book, the words, images and stones will become a timeless memory whose stories will still be as relevant in 10, or 20 or 50 years time, as they are now.

It will be nice to look back when I’m a kuia (grandmother) and say oh I remember that project and still marvel at the wonderful connection and conversation that went on during the year.

So enjoy this post – there are more gems to come!


Jo x

What Does Matter Most?

koru hand painted rocks

So we’re back in Rotorua with whānau and we’ve just come from Te Puke after spending the last few days with whānau and what a wonderful time it has been!
koru hand painted rocks
I’ve said this before recently – there is something about this time, something in the air, so much aroha in the air, everywhere there is change, people are more accommodating and accepting of one another realising more and more, what matters most. And what matters most?

The relationships we have – the meaning we give to our lives through our relationships and love.

I feel like I’ve grown over the past three days, grown in the sense that I have healed through many years, spending time with whānau has made me realise that some things just don’t matter like they used to and what matters is that we have each other, we love one another, we can have a good laugh, we can have a good cry, we share a meal together or a few BIG meals together and in those moments, we know what matters most.

What matters most to me right now, is that I am here with whānau, enjoying the experience and sharing the love. A very special time.

Jo x


koru hand painted rocks

What a wonderful day today! Chilled out, relaxing and just cruising with good kai (all day!), great company and a great place in the country to be winding down at the end of the year.
koru hand painted rocks
I’ve so enjoyed this – with minimal connection to the internet and no one really sending me emails wanting anything from me (yet!) it has only been a few days, but a much needed rest has been granted.

Actually, it reminds me of a song I used to love listening to when I was young-er… we were chilling in the park, just waiting for the sun to go down…and I’ve SO loved hanging with the whānau – has been awesome!!

Sending much aroha to everyone out there who is checking out the rocks during this time. I know you are probably eating good kai too and are in good company! Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing holiday wherever you are in the world! Peace to you.

Jo x

It is now midnight! I don’t think I’ve gone to bed before midnight since I’ve been away but that’s ok, I can sleep in to whatever time I want to – love that! AND! FIVE more rocks to paint for the year!!! Wooooohoooo!

Our Rock

koru hand painted rocks

I decided that I would write the story for this rock with my three nieces. And these are the thoughts that came to mind from all of us.
koru hand painted rocks
It has been a great day – all the family getting together for a yummy hangi! We haven’t seen each other for ages and all the mokos have grown! No one knows anyone’s age or birthdays anymore!

Teiarere says the rock looks like a mushroom and then Rexina says she doesn’t like mushrooms and Teiarere says me either!

Rexina says, “they remind me of curls and Robyn said, “xmas snow”…

Nana was so happy today and she’s been in a really good mood around family and the ham was great with pineapple and cherries and mint sauce…

One thing we will remember:

Robyn – everyone sitting in a row all together.
Rexina – the food.
Teirere – the games.
Aunty Jo – Xmas in the orchard with the whanau all gathered together united in the kitchen putting the kai on together like it was a marae… and our sister Char was not here but oh well we hope to see her at the end of January!

Last words from all of us – colour in the snow – colour at xmas – family – sunny day – eyebrows – sneezing at eyebrows being plucked lol (that was Rexina!), joyful…

from US! Jo, Rexina, Robyn and Teiarere xxxx

PS – from the nieces AND Tai the nephew – DOITTZZZZZ!!

Response To Touch

koru hand painted rocks

I was putting healing cream on my niece’s excema this morning and she just sat there, fluttered her butterfly eyelashes and was enjoying the touch and attention to her skin.
koru hand painted rocks
Today I picked up my Mum from the resthome and she loved to have kisses on her face, me touching her soft skin with my two hands, she responded with a smile and glow in her eyes. Just beautiful.

All it takes is time, attention and love to give a child, touch can be the most special gift one can give to a child.

All it takes is time, attention and love to give… when we grow up and have given all the love, we then require love and care in return to replenish that love. It can be the most warming and life giving thing for an adult, to feel loved and to be touched with love.

It’s been a beautiful day today with whānau! We are all together – have prepared kai for the hangi tomorrow (well actually today as it is 1am in the morning!) but it has been such a special day. Pō mārie.

Jo x