Day 27 – so what will I speak about today? (Btw, it is now Day 28 and I am posting this from yesterday!)
Well, so much happened today! Angelo and I had a radio interview with Davey Haskell at the Most FM and then we had another korero with Tipene and Tamzyn at Te Korimako o Taranaki. I was also video editing and trying to chase the courier to send a DVD to Gisborne but it didn’t happen and then a beautiful presentation in the park by Gisell and Stefan who are with us on the art residency…oh and a bit of an emotional outburst when I didn’t get to that courier but such is life ne? And a whole lot of other stuff in between…
So I want to talk about expectation today – expectation of self actually and how much we limit ourselves and our life experiences by the expectations we place upon ourselves. And others at times. We want the world to be a certain way, we want the world to be perfect often at the expense of authentic relationships and experiences and we will do anything to have that perfect world!
Life is not like that I don’t think. I am not perfect and this is something I am consciously remembering everyday…
koru hand painted rocks
Expectation has often been for me about being in control, wanting to control a situation through fear, lack of trust in self or others and not wanting to be out of control…
I am not perfect, and in letting go of my need to be perfect for others or for myself I allow myself to really experience the beauty of life, otherwise I miss that. And the rock that I have painted today has another simple koru which has been placed on an imperfect rock. I like it though..
Ma te wa – until then,
PS – I took this photo in the early hours of the morning when I realised I hadn’t photographed it after I had painted it. Another ambient light photo taken while holding the rock in my hand. I feel like I’ve taken all my imperfections and allowed them to just sit in the palm of my hand and to just be…


  1. It is pretty neat ne Jack?The crack just adds to the message in a nice subtle way. So glad you are following my rocks – appreciate my korero. Looking forward to talking on the phone when I get home to Gizzy. Arohanui, Jo x

  2. I really like this one Jo, I love the crack in the rock and the beauty and purity of the white spiral coming out from it. It reminds me that out of the dark places of our lives can come great healing and beauty.

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