Had a wonderful day yesterday. (yes! this is yesterday’s rock!!) We went from sea to bush and I spent the day with a special young woman who has an amazing talent for art. We captured sounds and visuals of the sea at Paora Rd with Leah and Keith and also the bush up at Puniho Rd. It has been a long time since I have visited the bush at Puniho Rd but I was reminded of how special a place it is – ngahere that is so untouched, natural and alive.
hand painted rocks
The day spent with Kerryn, reminded me of how important it is to nurture our young people and feed them with creativity and things that stimulate their mind, body and spirit. I wish that I had the many opportunities that our young people have today when I was younger and that my creativity was nurtured more as a young woman who was constantly adventurous and exploring the world…
This rock was painted yesterday and I am a little late posting it (well a lot late it is today now!) It is full of passion and zest for life with very bold and strong colours.
And this rock is for another young person who turned 13 today – ra whanau ki a koe Wharewera!!
Hei te po nei ka tukuna atu tetehi kohatu ano ki te ao…ma te wa
Jo 🙂
PS – my perfectionism played on me again yesterday and I was wanting to correct myself every time I was not happy with what I had painted. But I worked through it and accepted that what I had created was fully a representation of what I had experienced in the day. So many things!!

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