I have the urge to speak about aroha today – perhaps its because I have had conversation over the past couple of days about aroha or because this whole week has been filled with expressions of aroha both seen and felt.
The sharing of breath – that is a such a beautiful way of speaking about aroha. When you look at the word aroha it is made up of two words – ‘ha’ which is breath and so it is life. And ‘aro’ which means to turn to, to face, to focus your attention on. So when you put these two words together, they become aroha. But it means so much more than that!
Our Maori language is very conceptual and every word is a story. I like that. We are not literal, our stories and our way of seeing the world, our connection to the environment and our language allow us to feel…
And this is why I share korero, why I share stories and believe in the power of story to connect people, to inspire and to bring about change…
I look at this rock that I have created today – its a special rock and was gathered from a special place around the coast not far along from where my tupuna rest. It is Rangi and Papa, the unconditional aroha that they share. The love that is expressed when the mist rises from the earth and when the rain falls to meet her again.
koru hand painted rock
Day 20 – wow a special day!
Jo 🙂


  1. Hey Jo – Loving this project. Put one of yr rocks on facebook or send it to me and I’ll put it up as the profile pic for Creative Tairawhiti Facebook with a link back to this blog.

    they look so cool – now er do think think there is a Pecha Kucha in this project? I think so! Next one is 25th Feb at the Dome Cinema – are you keen? Go on you know you want to


    1. Kiaora Pene,

      Ok, you’re on for Pecha Kucha – I should be in Gizzy on the 25th Feb…There are lots of rocks in my album, so take your pick!! 🙂

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