Koru no. 2

Today’s rock is pretty massive, I have to hold it in two hands! But I wanted to paint something big-ger today, to allow more freedom with my brush, not too much focus on finer detail and to just allow the koru to flow from the rock…a healing shape that always captivates me…
koru hand painted rock
Koru for me are about balance, healing, flow, new life, new beginnings, growth…
What does the spiral mean for you? What thoughts come to mind when you look at this rock? What do you feel?
Would love for you to share your thoughts…
Jo 🙂
PS – this rock is for Kerryn, for being so courageous and open enough to share her world with me. Thank-you Kerryn, you have inspired me and I’m sure you will inspire others in your lifetime. Continue to be you and keep creating because you have such talent!

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