Jan 25th = rock no. 25!
I’m looking at today’s rock and asking myself where did that come from! I was tempted once again to correct myself and allow the perfectionist within to have control but I let go and instead the design took shape.

I went to the beach this morning and it was so refreshing and energizing to breathe in the sea air and to have water running over my feet. I captured some amazing photographs and video of water and felt the life giving energy of the land and sea.
koru hand painted rock
Water is so amazing…I am constantly in awe of it’s life giving properties; without it we would not survive. But, I also have great respect for its ability to take life away. That balance thing again…I love the sound of the tide coming in and going out and the way patterns are formed when two flowing waters meet…it’s beautiful.
At the moment I am working alongside some amazing artists from around the world and a lot of what is being created has an element of water in it, whether in the physical sense, through waiata, sound, or in a way that water becomes te ia korero, or that which directs the flow of something happening and coming to fruition. Its quite refreshing and is allowing me to flow with the tide, to see another perspective and to be inspired to create new life and new things.
Ma te wa – until then,
Jo 🙂

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