Day 24 – It has been a long day and I am posting these rocks after midnight! I’ve had the challenge of photographing at night, something I’m not too keen on doing but a nice side lamp is doing the trick.
He aha nga hua mo te rangi?
Well…made some progress today and am seeing my way forward with a number of projects that I am working on. But, again I am reminded that balance is SO important. To balance work with rest, proper rest where you turn your mind off and do nothing…something I’m fighting with at the moment because my mind is constantly ticking over with ideas and thoughts!
koru hand painted rocks
Stress I believe, is the major cause of disease today. When we are stressed our immune system becomes weak and our mind, body and spirit are affected.
Its SO important to relax! I’m telling myself at 12.30am in the morning as I post this!
I’ve painted two rocks today, one is for a friend’s Aunty who has cancer and it is her birthday and the other is for my nephew Samuel who turned 14 today. I think he is 14, I’m sure he will correct me if its not – ne Sam!! Green I believe is a healing colour and I am reminded by others that purple is wairua…These rocks are very small but still precious…ahakoa he iti he pounamu…
So tomorrow morning I am going to gather some more rocks from Onukutaipari (Back beach) and breathe in the sea breeze of Tangaroa, I so need it…ahhhhh…tihe mauri ora!
Jo 🙂

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