Passion is doing what I love, not just some of the time but all of the time, without limitations or boundaries. Free and uninhibited. I believe everyone should be doing what they love every day of their lives!! We spend so many hours of a week in jobs that we don’t like, working for someone else, pleasing other people, fulfilling someone else’s dreams and passions…why can’t we be fulfilling our own dreams and passions?
koru hand painted rock
Passion for me is also having the desire to share who I am with others, passing on the joys and fulfillment of living a passionate and purposeful life!
Jo x
PS – So I’m at day 43 for my rock of the day project – so stoked I have come this far! The rocks are fully a part of my life now, on all levels – actually they have been for the last 12 years anyway!! I was listening to Deep Purple when I was painting this rock which is kind of random because I haven’t listened to them for years, I don’t even know where that CD came from! But it was great to hear a different kind of music instead of thrashing the same music!! At least I’m going to be ready for Reggaelution on the 19th Feb and I know my words off by heart – haha!

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