The Circle

I couldn’t stop painting this rock…I actually started painting another rock first and I just looked at it and thought naaaaah! That was not the perfectionist in me being judgmental either, it just didn’t feel right! And then I started this one and just kept going round and round with it, piling the layers on, it was quite soothing and meditative.
koru hand painted rocks
I managed to catch the last bit of light outside to take photos and most of them were out of focus – but when I looked at them on my computer I was pleasantly surprised…the photo being out of focus had for me revealed another layer that would not be seen otherwise if it was in focus. So here it is!
It reminds me of things hidden beneath the surface, the not so obvious things that we don’t always reveal about ourselves because of fear of what people may think, fear of being judged or not being good enough. Its like the mauri, the energy of the rock is revealing itself, exposing itself for all to see…
The circle is a universal symbol that can mean many things. For me it is direct connection to nature, balance, unity and infinity -it is without beginning or end. It is the perfection of nature that inspires me to paint the koru, to paint spirals and circles. The circle – I am always drawn to paint it, to create it, to surround myself with it.
Hei apopo – until tomorrow!
Jo x

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