I’m having a bit of an interlude post today, doing a bit of venting and just letting go of some stuff! But life is like that – full of ups and downs!
I was thinking the other day, what if I have a bad day? What if I am challenged by people or things or by self? What do I post about that???

Things can’t always be roses and yes I’ve learnt over the years how to remain equanimous (thank-you Vipassana meditation and The Healing Codes!) but sometimes I just feel like I want to go to the top of the mountain and screeeeeeaaaaammm!
Ahhhhh…that was better. So I had one of those days yesterday and am able to now post about it from a more objective point of view today haha! But as I have learnt over the years, things arise to pass away, nothing is permanent and the tide will always go back out again…
I value those challenging times that enable growth and learning – but so hard when you are right bang smack in the middle of them! And I am someone who likes to face things head on and go to the source of whatever it is that is challenging me because I’ve also learnt that I will always get through it.
So there is red and white paint today. And the rock is naturally black with white flecks…I love the rocks from Taranaki and I am so looking forward to going rock gathering tomorrow when I get home. And tomorrow’s rock of the day is probably going to be painted at the beach.
koru hand painted rock
And if you’ve read down this far, I’m giving this rock away today. I’m releasing all my frustrations within this rock to the first person who can tell me about a challenging experience and what they did to work through it. (Just kidding about the frustrations bit, this is actually a calm after the storm rock so is very balanced:)) The first to share their experience, I will send this rock to you! And I will send to anywhere in the world.

And others that visit please feel free to share your thoughts anyway. Would love to hear from you!
And its decided – at the end of 2011 when I complete my 365th rock, I’m creating a book from this whole experience. Wow, the thought of it is really exciting! And the interesting thing is that over the past two days, I had four people suggest to me to make a book and I had thoughts of my own to do that – so it is done! Looking forward to reading it myself!
Hei apopo -until tomorrow (in Taranaki!)
Jo x

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