I’m writing this post, tired after a LONG drive!
I finally made it home to Taranaki – up at 5.30am and on the road at 6.30am. It was beautiful sunshine all the way and then just as we arrive in Taranaki – it rains! But I’m not complaining, its a fresh cleansing rain and goes nicely with all the lovely water korero that has been shared with my rock photos today…
Belonging. Why this title?
Well, I brought my Dad home to Taranaki today and ‘belonging’ was the most fitting word I could find right now that describes the inner joy I saw in him today. I arrived in Rotorua and he was all ready to get in the car and then when we were on the road, he was like a child again looking out the window amazed at how things had changed and so happy knowing that he was going home…
hand painted rock
I was thinking about this as we were driving, how our roles had changed. When I was younger I would be sitting in the passenger seat and he would be driving me or I would be driving him home from golf because he had become incapable at the 19th hole (haha – I laugh about that now!) He was still capable of giving me driving instructions from the passenger seat though…but how times have changed! And as I was doing my drive by photography and drive by video of the landscape, he was watching me, not saying a word, just watching me and probably thinking, “what is she doing?” But still just watching and not saying a word.
In that moment I realised that we had reached another place in our relationship, another space beyond all past experiences and totally present in that moment. A space of acceptance of one another.

I’m so glad that I have brought him home to spend time with his whanau. I was concerned in the beginning because he has been unwell at times, its a long drive for an 83 year old, I’m coming to Taranaki to do work and I won’t be able to spend time with him and all that stuff was objecting to the journey. But I’m glad I did because his wairua is alive again and he is where he belongs…

…and when we went round that corner at Mokau and Taranaki maunga was there in the distance to greet us…oh the light in his eyes! Love you Dad…
Hei apopo – until tomorrow,
Jo zzzzzzz
PS – I’ve decided to call my PS’s my photo scripts to share korero about the photos that I take of the rocks and any other last bits of korero. This is just as much a photo taking exercise as it is a painting exercise! This particular one was taken in desperation for the last bit of natural light – but I got it and I really like it! Its actually in the bathroom / toilet of the accommodation where I am staying. I did take some on top of the toilet too but I like this one better! And I wanted to get the rain in there!

So that’s that, a LONG post today and if you have taken the time to read it all – thank-you!! And one last thing before I go catch zzzzz’s, tomorrow’s the first day of my workshop for rangatahi in Pukekura Park as part of the SCANZ art residency, so if any rangatahi want to come and be creative with rock painting, video and photography in a natural environment 1-4pm tomorrow Tues at the Band Rotunda to meet and then somewhere in the park after that. We’re exploring the connection between land and people from a Maori perspective using the natural environment, creativity and digital technology as perhaps a way to move forward to heal land and people. Po marie 🙂

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