So many interesting conversations over the past couple of days, it has me thinking about how we perceive the world and how different we are!
But I don’t think different is wrong, it is just different. Sometimes when we are brought up a certain way, with certain values it can shape our way of thinking and then as we continue on our life journey, we gather many more perspectives…and we change along the way too. I know I am a different person now to how I was ten years ago but I think thats a good thing!
koru hand painted rock
So why am I talking about this? Well…I think its important for us to see another perspective, to take a look on the other side of the fence. Not to agree or change your own way of thinking but just to see another perspective.
A project I am working on at the moment with Pukeariki – the museum here in Taranaki is using storytelling as a tool that gives the community a voice to share their perspectives about what sustainability means to them and how they see a sustainable future for Taranaki. I believe that storytelling has the power to bring about change, to heal relationships and move communities together into the future. And what this process is doing is allowing the community to see another perspective, not to say that it is right or wrong but just to take a look and see.
And stories move us to action, they inspire us, they connect us emotionally and they guide us into the future to create new stories.
I like to look at another perspective from a place of curiosity and wonder (after getting out all the inner conflict!!) When someone is coming from a different place, I say…hmmm, I wonder about that?
Day 19 – yes! I watched the sun set at Back beach this evening – a beautiful sunset, the tide was in, the waves were crashing, there was a cool breeze in the air…and then as I turned to head back into town, there was the moon sitting in the sky…po marie…

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