Mahi To Do

I have a mind map on the wall with a BIG “Mahi To DO” in the middle and a whole lot of things around the outside to complete before I leave. Well not all before I leave but most before I leave.
koru hand painted rocks
But I’m looking at it and thinking, that’s a lot of things around that circle and that is totally an artist’s circle! Not in a straight line one thing after another.

Although I do have one of those lists too because once I finish with the mind map, I transfer it to my TO DO book that has actual lists with things to tick off. Aha – you thought I was totally in circles didn’t you – there is SOME logic to me!
But my point being (other than rambling on to myself here) is that we can still be organised and on to it as artists who think in circles and back to front and upside down and we can achieve so much more when we allow our circular ways of thinking to merge seamlessly (I like this word) with a little bit of logic – just a little though.
Ok, I’ll admit I’m a bit brain dead right now, possibly a bit delirious but do you know what I mean? No wonder some of us feel like we’re p***ing in the wind at school when it and it’s total logic and structure was never made for us…but that is another story… anyway I better haere ki te moe!
Nope – can’t – got “mahi to do!”
Now is this right brain or left brain speaking here?
Jo x
PS – Day 243 – woohoo!! And a pinch and a punch for the last day of the month and NO returns!

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