Out the Other Side

I love this rock but I didn’t really enjoy painting it to begin with because I was quite agitated. It’s another revived rock that I found in the garden, a rock I had started months, maybe years ago but never finished.
koru hand painted rocks
So another green spiral underneath, another rock to be healed from another time and space…
And as always with perseverance, I always make it through.
And I love this rock now! I worked my way through that initial block, into the healing, letting go and allowed the new to come through. I say now THIS is my favourite rock, but I said that the other day too but they are probably all special for me in their own special way because each has been an extension of myself and who I am.
I’m off to watch the Homai te Pakipaki final on Māori TV – starting in 4 minutes – so enjoy!!
Jo x
PS – I have my special offers coming tomorrow… so watch this space : )

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