Tui Tui Tuia

Tuia i runga
Tuia i raro
Tuia i roto
Tuia i waho
Tui tui tuia
koru hand painted rocks
I remember this waiata from ages ago at school! And like most Māori waiata we learnt in mainstream school (which was very few), I really didn’t know what any of them meant.
So now when I recite these words, they have a whole new meaning for me.
The tūī is one of our native birds that is identified by it’s beautiful iridescent feathers and white tuft at the front on it’s neck. They are one of my favourite birds!
Tui also means to sew, or weave together so the significance of these words for me now is about weaving together, an understanding that everything is connected, connecting with one another…
I share this kōrero about the tūī today because I saw nine tui today while walking – yes nine!
I stopped to count them and there were seven to begin with and then two more flew over to join in the chorus. It was a hub of activity I tell ya! And these were the ones that I saw – I heard many others calling from a distance too…
So a special time of year to remember our connections to one another, to weave together our stories of old and our new stories and to welcome Koanga – Springtime – yus!
Jo : )

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