Day 239 – Fear Revisited

I cast my mind back to Jan 1st 2011.


Fear was fully there and I remember sitting at my computer thinking, shall I push the button or shouldn’t I? I sat there for at least two hours. I remember it was late.
koru hand painted rocks
All sorts of things going through my mind – people are not gonna like what you do, why would they want to look at a rock and why would they want to listen to anything you say? And why, and why…all the reasons under the sun not to push that button.
And then I pushed it – as scary as it was I pushed that button and that post was out there in the universe for all to see along with my commitment to paint a rock every day for 2011.
And now it is Day 239 and I’m heading for the finish line – there’s no stopping me now! I’m committed and soon this challenge will be done and dusted and I will be onto the next thing.
But, so many things have happened as a result of this project and I’m OVER the moon at what has been achieved, the people I’ve met, the people I will meet in the future. I’ve healed so much of me, shared so many things, opened myself up to the world of possibility and I may not have fully gotten over that fear yet but there are more moments now than ever where I’m in my element and nothing can stop me.
So I just wanted to share this tonight even though you may have already heard it before! I remember my words, “fear is so gonna get kicked to the curb this year” and I reckon I’ve given it a pretty good kicking haha and still got some more to do!! Bring it!!
Jo x

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