I felt like I was in a scene from Finding Nemo when I was painting this lol Like a whole lot of seaweed or hair or grass growing from the earth but under the sea…
And then the bit at the bottom, like little seeds ready to sprout to push up through the surface, getting ready to rise and bear fruit.
koru hand painted rocks
Yellow is everywhere right now – bright and sunny! On the kitchen bench at one time there was pineapple, lemons and dandelions that Teia had just picked and then when I placed this rock there, it fitted in perfectly.
So what does yellow mean and what kind of emotion does it bring out or express? Right now, it certainly isn’t a mellow yellow colour for me where you chill out with it – I don’t feel like chilling out at all – but it is bright, the future is bright and brightens a room – amazing what yellow can do!
And it’s everywhere right now… spring, even the pollen that gets stuck in corners and ends up on cars is yellow…
Hopefully! A sign that summer is just around the corner. But you never know these days, you just can’t seem to predict the weather, the seasons have changed, it’s time to be ready for whatever and yellow seems to bring some hope for the future even where the future is uncertain.
Jo x

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