Always a Reason

People are brought into your life for a reason – you may know them for many years or you may meet for a few moments in conversation, in the street, but every person has an important message.
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As a teenager, I rarely paid attention. I was too busy living my life to even see opportunities for learning but not long after when I did start to pay attention, I realised that every person I met had a story and somewhere in that story was a message for me – another step in my journey.
When I look back, the signs are even more clearer but at the time they were not so obvious. And these lessons would present themselves over and over until I learnt them!
But when I look back, there are no regrets for not learning at times because I understand now that I was simply not ready to receive.
But when I was ready – boy did life speed up (in a good way!) and so many wonderful things have happened since then. The past has made me the person I am today, as hard as it was sometimes – these experiences have made me strong and resilient.
So whenever I’m out and about, I’m always on alert for opportunities to learn, even when sitting in a crowd and tuning into conversations and what is happening around me. And I ask myself, how does this make me feel? Every moment there is something to learn and every person no matter who it is, where you meet them, when, why, how, they have a message for you!
Jo x

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