The Sound of Trees

We went to the beach today – it was a beautiful day and there were so many bits of driftwood laying about all over the place! I was in heaven, waves lapping into shore, a chillybin full of food (well not exactly – but there were two blocks of dark chocolate!), a good book to read and a beach full of driftwood!
koru hand painted rocks
I sat in one place for a while, grabbed a stick and started to play on the many pieces of wood that lay around. Where did they drift from? What kind of wood is this? How old is this tree? A different sound resonated every time I hit a different piece of wood, I was excited to hear the next sound each time. Had this wood drifted from Australia, what forest did it come from?
All these thoughts wondering through my mind as well as the concern for the rubbish that I would spot in between pieces of wood – some people just have no respect…
And what also fascinated me were the shapes and colours of these bits of wood. I’ve brought some home, (to add to the rest of the collection!) to explore the natural patterns of nature lightly etched into the wood or deeply ingrained – it’s always been there – but amazed as usual at nature so beautiful, flowing shapes that make you feel real beauty. You know how beauty makes you feel, when you see it – well that feeling!
So I have my sticks, new ideas, smelling like the sea, inspired to share more messages about Water and Trees and the importance of looking after our environment. Now is the time to pay attention.
Jo x
I deliberately posted this out of focus photo – sometimes you can feel the beauty or see the spirit of something when your eyes are slightly out of focus…

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