Uncontainable – it’s part of the title of our exhibition which is opening here in Istanbul tomorrow at 6.45am. It reminds me of being uninhibited or unable to be contained or locked up, locked into a way of being or thinking…
koru hand painted rocks
I wonder if culture is like this? Seeing and meeting the diverse range of people here in Istanbul and also thinking about our own people back home, the many cultures that exist within our societies… how much of our lives are influenced by culture and how much of our lives are of our own thinking, our own truth?
Sometimes I feel tradition is not always the be all and end all and somewhere along the way we have to acknowledge who we are…what are our dreams and purpose for this life? And we should follow that.
It’s risky because we are going against what we’ve always known, what those around us have told us is the “right” way to do things… but what is it that I feel in my heart is the right thing to do and how am I honouring self in all this?
Something to ponder…
Ok, heading back down to the gallery space for an interview and to catch up with some of the other artists and there’s always an interesting person to meet down there! And I’ve just got a whole lot of work done and now its the afternoon, the day begins!
Hei āpōpō – until tomorrow!
Jo x
PS – the chanting just started outside…

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