Turkish Delight

I am in love with turkish delight. Not the turkish delight I remember as a child – actually that was horrible. I’m talking about REAL turkish delight – oh my gosh! I am going to try and bring truckloads back with me haha – it is going to be one of my most important items to bring home…
koru hand painted rocks
And with it no doubt will come the people, the stories and experiences of walking in crowded streets, feeling like you’re running a marathon, or feeling like you are the only person walking one way and the world is blowing towards you! Tooting cars every 5 secs, yelling people in the streets now and then – they really do talk loud in the streets here… and food, delicious food everywhere – so much to choose from and not expensive at all!
I wish I was here for longer to experience more of this amazing high energy place but will have to come back one day – oh yes, so many beautiful islands, spaces and places to be explored here.
Jo x

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