Beer and Whiskey

Such an eventful day – I don’t know where to start!

I listened to some interesting kōrero at the conference today and I painted this rock while sitting in on one of the panel sessions… very interesting ideas about perception and participation, intuition and energy… and during the keynote speaker, I wrote a whole lot down that came spilling out like lava from a mountain – so many things being stirred up in my thoughts…
koru hand painted rocks
So some of the random thoughts from today…
Time To Live (TTL)
Story and Picture
Energy and Intuition
Politics Does Not Exist Without Economy
Te Kore – Is Potentiality
But OH well…
Critique does not lend itself to leading new things
Indigenous – the way forward
patents curb innovation
woven within the digital data
the inevitable moment when we will have no time to react
The best form of work is not just to create them but to transform them in many ways…
The crisis is largely self-generated
So many things to ponder here! Can you imagine my brain right now other than being very tired!!
And why the title of this post? Beer and whiskey? Because at the first after party we had tonight (yes there were two!) they served beer and whiskey! An interesting choice of alcohol and I drink neither… so it was water for me at that party, but it was funny watching two thirds of people walk around drinking glasses of straight whiskey and the other third drinking beer!
And perhaps these thoughts are as random as this combination of alcohol but all this stuff was talked about today and more!And it made me ask SO many more questions!
Jo x
PS – I love this rock by the way – it was really lovely to paint! And it is on it’s way to Morocco with Rachida who is at the conference also – she is Berber and her whanau are tangata whenua of that area and her grandmother still lives traditionally in the mountains!

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