I love uku and the works of art that are fashioned from Papatūānuku. There is something about clay – natural and of the earth, grounding…
koru hand painted rocks
We went to an exhibition opening tonight and although some of these students were first year art students, I was amazed at the work they had created and could see huge potential for them. It was very inspiring for me as an artist who has been creating for the past sixteen years to be experiencing these new works of art…very refreshing…
It reminded me of my first art course 17 years ago where I was discovering my own creativity and experiencing different mediums for the first time. I had finally reclaimed my creativity that was very much a part of me as a child but somehow got lost along the way…
And I talk about uku because there were some beautiful creations of uku tonight from students who had just started working in this medium. It was just so lovely to see and of course I couldn’t help myself and had to have one of those pieces!
But I always remember what it was like selling my first work of art – it’s such a buzz and gives you so much confidence to want to create more. Not because of the money, but because you have created something with meaning, that someone else wants. That feeling is so satisfying!
So I’m honouring these students and their creativity today and the path that they have chosen for themselves..
Jo 🙂
Ra whānau ki a koe Waveney! This rock is coming to you! xo

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