This is the third time that I’ve painted black on to a rock and I must say I’m warming to it more and more!
Black has always been a dark and gloomy colour for me, one that you see lots of at tangi! I always make a point of not wearing black to tangi because there is already enough of it to go around! I wonder why people wear black to a funeral? Because it’s a sign of mourning? I’m thinking it’s a colonial thing, I couldn’t imagine my tupuna back in their day wearing black to a tangi…
koru hand painted rock
Black is also beautiful – there is something about black that is appealing…
And it certainly changes a mood…I’ve made a point over the past few years to remove black clothes from my wardrobe – its so easy to just go and put on black because it goes with everything, but now I’m all about the colour haha!

And I LOVE black and white photography! It makes everything so dramatic and allows you to feel a photo…
So my black kōrero for the day, nothing too heavy or emotionally draining lol or too long…very light-hearted so you know that the emotional drama queen is gonna come out again over the next few days haha!
Kia pai ngā rā whakata! – Have a good weekend!
Jo x
PS – this rock still has some of the natural colour showing, I couldn’t bring myself to totally black it out! I think this black thing is also being influenced by Mel whose into black and who dropped off a black ‘paru’ art work for me the other day haha – she knows!

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