Collective Consciousness

I believe in collective consciousness. I believe that as a global collective we can make a difference. We can bring about change, change that will affect all our lives here on earth, change that will affect the earth. I believe that what is affecting me here in Aotearoa is also affecting you in your part of the world. And what is affecting you is also affecting me. You are not alone in your world and I am not alone in mine, although I might try to pretend at times that parts of your world and parts of my world do not exist.
koru hand painted rocks
We are all connected…
I believe that the thoughts I have about the world, our planet, our universe all have an effect on me and my existence. I also believe that my thoughts affect all life on earth and everything that happens in this universe.
If I have the ability to have an effect on everything around me, the earth and all living things and the whole entire universe, then why am I not utilising this ability?
I remember many years ago reading, “your thoughts become your reality” and that is so true – I experience this everyday. So what reality do you want to create today?
Jo x
PS – another revived rock with many layers!

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