Two More Stones

There’s this lady that bikes past our house. She looks middle age from what I can see in the few seconds I see her as she zooms past! And she carries a big basket on the front, you know like those ones that can hold flowers or vegetables.
koru hand painted rocks
She is dressed nicely like she’s ready to go for a picnic in the park AND she has NO helmet!

And she ZOOMS past!

Now one would think, ahh hullo where is your helmet? But actually, there is something kinda cool about her, enjoying the wind blowing through her hair with not a care in the world…

I’m not saying don’t wear a helmet when riding a bike – I’m not saying that at all, but there is a certain freedom that goes with bike riding a bit like riding a horse or being on a surfboard that requires trust, letting go and enjoying!
And her freedom I could see as she peddled past, to just jump on a bike and go, to trust that all will be ok, trusting life, her life…

I had great fun painting these two stones today. I just decided to paint two stones, no particular reason why, just felt like it.
Jo x

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