Ngā Manu Tioriori

It’s lovely waking up in the morning at 5am to chirping birds outside the window. And there have been a couple of new sounds I’ve been hearing lately – so beautiful!
koru hand painted rocks
Sometimes there are birds that we ignore or don’t think are special because we don’t have stories or connection to them, but you know those brown birds (I don’t know their name) there’s heaps that hang around in our garden. They have a long call and they are actually really cool birds – other than eating our young shoots in the garden, I kinda like them.
It’s just like magpies. I’ve always considered them to be a pain in the butt but in some countries they are a special bird that is symbolic.
But aside all the beautiful birds that I feel so grateful for – I just want to say how proud I am of Aotearoa musicians. We have some pretty amazingly talented manu tioriori and there are a some awesome up and coming artists as well!
Music is so important in our lives and I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I couldn’t listen to music! And in the words of Stevie Wonder…”music is a world within itself, it’s a language we all understand…”
A universal language…
So here’s to Aotearoa music and all the talented amazing people that bless us everyday with their music. And actually here’s to all those radio stations who play our wonderful music – definitely something to celebrate.
Jo x

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