Layer upon layer upon layer in between gaps and shapes and on top of layers – the paint went on to this rock. Even though the layers were going on, there was a feeling of taking layers off.
Each strand, each line linking with the next to create a never ending flow of energy. The colours simple and plain but each contains all the colours of light, shining through each layer to reveal the next.
koru hand painted rocks
I started with a face – a line already within the stone – a definite marking that reminded me of Celtic origins and old days. A stake in the earth, holder of land, stating that this is our land, this is where I belong.
A never-ending flow of water, sea, earth, light, energy… where spirit meets people, interwoven…
Happy birthday Haidee! This was very much a meditative rock, painting and then writing words, intuitive – that came out like water from a tap. Infinite. Hope you’ve had a special day today.
Jo x

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