Merhaba – kiaora – so I’ve made it to the heart of Istanbul and am right in the thick of things – busyness everywhere! 24/7! But what did I expect right? 14 million people in one city, of course it will be busy!
koru hand painted rock
It’s Saturday the 10th here in Istanbul as I write this – Mon the 11th Sept in Aotearoa… and I think I have the timing right now – 9 hours behind home…
So where do I start? So many experiences to talk about already! But I do want to talk about language because as soon as I stepped off the airplane in Istanbul I noticed the language difference. I mean, of course the language is different but I realised how language or lack of, can change the course of conversation and take it to a whole new level.
And no matter how different the language, in my one day here, every person I have met has known the language of manaakitanga, the language of smiles, gratefulness, taking an interest…
For example, the cleaning lady at the airport who didn’t speak much english but she knew exactly what I needed after coming off the plane… and then the airport security guy who laughed at me when I asked which way was out lol – now if you went through customs here, you will know what I am talking about – you basically get your baggage and walk out, that’s right, you leave the building!
And the beautiful people I met in the street today while trying to look for the supermarket (dia). They did not speak english but between my sign language and their desire to help, I found my way!
It does not matter what words we speak because language comes in many forms and the language of caring for one another, taking an interest in another, a smile, a thank-you – that is language for me and I experienced it in just one day – so what are the other days going to bring?
Happy birthday Jules! This photo was taken on a table that Zeytin made. I am staying with Zeytin, a beautiful, funny Turkish wahine and Leonard a funny German guy – so what do you get when you have a Turk, a German and a Māori all living under the same roof haha – good conversation and laughs!
And of course the learning of language…
And Zeytin made this table and everything else that is in this house – she is an amazing builder, electrician, artist, tailor and when I came home from my first walk, she was cutting the German’s hair, so she is a hairdresser too!
Language – a way of communicating that has no boundaries… a way of using all the senses…
Jo x

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