This rock is very definite today; the lines and colours are solid and permanent.
Trust is a big word. I’ve started to write about this in many posts before, but for whatever reason the kōrero didn’t feel right, so I left it… and now it has come back! And sometimes the things that are hardest to post are the most important.
koru hand painted rock
Issues of trust have presented themselves to me often over the past month and when I look back on this year, I realize that my life has been one big trust! The things that I have created, the journeys I have embarked on, the decisions that I’ve made have all been decisions of trust.
And I feel like I’ve come to a point, you know that point where all you need to take is one more step and then you’re there? But that one step is a step that you keep trying to take your whole life… some take that step and some don’t.

But its there, within your grasp, and for whatever reason, you find it the hardest thing to do, even though it requires just that one step…
So I’m at this special place, it’s like all the issues of the past have come to the present, ready to be released so that I can just take that one step… This feels like the biggest trust of all, but it will only take one step…
Jo x

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