This Old Lady

I was walking today, being present in my surroundings and I was amazed at how much I took in. I walked to town which is only half an hour but in that time I saw so many things… scenes presented to me, full of messages, I would have missed them if I was not fully present.
koru hand painted rock
So I experienced many things today but the highlight was during the walk home, seeing the old lady who lives in the white stucco house on the corner. She’s over 90 years old, but she was out in the sunshine tending to her garden as I walked by. And if you were to see her garden you would agree that it is immaculate!
I stopped briefly to talk and I told her how wonderful her gardens look and she replied, “oh they need some work and I’m going to mow the lawns this afternoon!” My gosh!
And that old lady, she’s always been like that, as long as I’ve known her to be the old lady on the corner. And to top it all off, she even dressed the part. She had her sneakers on like she was gonna run a marathon!
Sometimes we can be inspired by the most unlikely of things, but this old lady she inspires me every time I see her out there tending to her garden. I always find myself looking to her house even as I drive by, just to see her gardens so alive and to be reminded that – hullo – I’m not even 40 years old yet so I should just stop complaining about all the aches and pains and get on with it – for goodness sake lol
Jo x

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