The Wish Bone

I want to tell a story today, it is one of many stories that pop up now and then from Miss 6 and 3/4 year old Teia…
We were having dinner tonight (roast chicken!) and she says quite confidently, “I think the wish bone can come from either the leg or the wing.”

“Oh” I said having an internal chuckle!
koru hand painted rock
Now my initial thought was to correct her, but I thought, no, I will allow her that moment of confidence and belief that the wishbone actually “can come from either the leg or the wing” and one day she may eventually find out that it actually comes from somewhere else!

She has always been big on the wishbone when it comes to chicken in our house. She’s always trying to hunt it down and if you dare get it before her, she’ll let you know about it and when she does get it before you, she’ll let you know about it too!
But never have we talked about where the wish bone actually comes from, even though she has found it before on many occasions from the actual place where it comes from!
Now I’m not sure really what my point is here, other than the fact that I wanted to tell the story because it was SO funny at the time but also, sometimes I think things are better left as they are, especially for a little girl whose confidence comes not from having to get everything right all the time but from having the believe and confidence that anything is possible…
Jo x

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