Looking Back – Moving Forward

I’ve just looked back over the past few days and realised that the rocks I’ve painted have been either white, grey or yellow! Maybe a bit boring, but for me the colours suit my moods and what has been going on in my life at the time. And I’ve definitely been in a contemplative space lately, thinking lots about the future and the coming six months.
koru hand painted rock
And perhaps these colours also reflect this time of year…
So a blue rock today, and when I look back to all the blue rocks I’ve painted this year, they have been times of transition, moving from one place to another and coming back into balance.

My thoughts go back to one of my first blue rocks I painted in Feb which was all about water… a theme that has been strong in my life over the past six months and will continue into 2012, Water is also about who I am so coming back into my own and speaking my truth…
So I’m creating this space within and my physical creative space at home has changed too, reflecting more and more each day – who I am and nurturing my spirit.
Jo x
I received a couple of CDs in the mail today and was so inspired and warmed to hear Acoustic Activists play and sing their beautiful waiata. I am moved and hopeful that here in Aotearoa, we have the ability to share our messages with the world in a way that can make a difference. Ngā mihi aroha ki a koutou! : )

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