The Weed Garden

You know, I really love weeds and just today we pulled all of our weeds out of the garden but not until the weeds had established themselves overtime and grown into big wild bushes!
koru hand painted rocks
Weeds grow like forests do I reckon – that’s my observation anyway. First these plants grow and then those plants grow until you’ve got a forest of weeds!
Have you taken note when weeds do grow how many special and varied weeds there are? There are heaps and many have pretty little flowers – I especially like buttercups and namunamu which have a tiny purple flower. This plant and many of the others can be used for healing.
The roots of weeds also create space in the soil – they actually help break it down and so when we do eventually pull them out, the soil is nice and loose.
I think I’ve told this story before but I used to grow my lawns until they were long enough to roll around in and until all the dandelions grew – until the landlord told me I had to mow them – well I had my roll around and got my photos of oversized dandelions and daisies anyway!!
Next time you’re out in the garden and you have weeds, leave them a little longer and see what appears – you’ll be surprised at what beauty there is in amongst the weeds.
Jo x

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