In Spite Of

We were just talking tonight about learning in mainstream school and ahakoa te aha – even though there were so many things not good about mainstream school for us as Māori – I learnt to read, write and spell in english – in spite of everything.
koru hand painted rocks
I read today that Te Reo o Taranaki won an award at the Te Reo Māori awards which are happening now – YAY!!… in spite of everything that our whānau have suffered we have managed to revive our reo and keep our reo alive.
In spite of everything, our history, the negativity – STILL – toward Māori, we have survived.
I listened last weekend to kōrero from home at Parihaka and I am so honoured to one of ngā mōrehu o Parihaka – the future generation of an important legacy that has been left to us by our tūpuna.
Yes we must move on and forgive the past and heal ourselves, but we must also honour those who have gone before us, who have paved the pathway forward for us, so that we may tread more easily upon this earth, strong, in dignity and pride.
In spite of everything, we have survived. And life does go on, tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to honour life, to honour who we are and live.
Jo x
Many people around the world do not know about Parihaka and our history at Parihaka. Many know about Ghandhi and his stance of passive resistance but before Ghandhi there were our tūpuna – Te Whiti and Tohu – there was Parihaka and the people of Parihaka who still live today to tell their story.

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