In Front of My Eyes

I painted this rock today directly in front of my eyes – I held it up in front of my eyes and I painted it there. I wouldn’t normally do this of course but I had just been to the Osteopath and I was consciously holding my spine in place lol!
koru hand painted rocks
Let me just explain that again so it’s clearer. Normally I would place the rock in my hand, on the floor or on the table and I would look down at the rock to paint, but this time I brought the rock up to my eyes and held my posture upright!
It felt kind of strange but at the same time I felt like I was painting from another place… it certainly felt different, everything flowed out onto the rock nicely and when I looked at what I had painted – I thought wow – that is cool!
It made me think about the body and how when we are aligned physically, energy can flow easier, there is less stress and so creativity comes from a more balanced place. I was also thinking, that I will probably paint directly in front of my eyes again because as odd as it was, it felt good at the same time! Other than having to hold my arms in place for a reasonable amount of time!
And I just want to say thank-you to all those who contributed kōrero to yesterday’s kohatu – such beautiful words were shared by everyone – thank-you! I’m actually going to do that again before the week is up so stay tuned for the next opportunity! And of course you can always share a kōrero about the rocks anyway 🙂
Jo x

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