Te Matatini o te Ra

Kua pou te hau! I’m writing this late at night, very tired after a long day although its a good tired where I feel like I have achieved something. There was a lot of walking and meeting people on the way but the most exciting thing for me today was seeing heaps of Maori converge on Waiohika estate for what I believe to be the largest gathering of Maori in the world!
It happens every two years, Te Matatini o te Ra is Aotearoa’s ultimate in Maori performing arts where you will see and “feel” Maori culture expressed in a uniquely “Maori” way.
koru hand painted rocks
I was totally captivated today taking in the atmosphere and feeling very proud to be Maori. When the first roopu took the stage and started their performance, I got that warm fuzzy feeling inside, totally feeling the spirit of our people coming through in the waiata, it moved me to tears. It made me realise how special we Maori are and SO talented!
I haven’t been to many of these in the past but am SO glad I’m experiencing it this year…just to be around so many of your own people is such a special thing.
Other than the performances on stage, there are so many other things happening around the place. And one of the most important things for me for this festival is that the event is alcohol-free, drug-free and smoke-free and totally a whanau affair!
Need to catch some zzzzzs now but just want to finish by giving a big mihi to our two Taranaki roopu (groups) who performed today – i tu kaha koutou i te rangi nei! You all did us proud and I’m sure that our tupuna are smiling…
And am looking forward to watching my Te Arawa whanau on Saturday!
Po marie,
Jo x
PS – I had to find an alternative light source again this evening so what better place than in front of the bubbling algae…

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