Te Hunga Ririki

Day 46 – Te Hunga Ririki
Today’s rock is for Kiana who turns 5 today! Don’t you just love tamariki – they are so honest and in the moment! I’m posting some kōrero today that was shared via one of my rocks of the day by Tracey who is Kiana’s mum. Tracey and I used to go to school together not so long ago!!! My very first rock of the day for this year was given to Tracey and here is her response after receiving the rock in the mail…
koru hand painted rock
“Well I received my rock today much to my daughter’s delight, she sat in the back of the car talking to the rock and then gave it a big kiss, nö reira Jo, kei te tika öu körero, he wairua tö ënei kohatu hei hononga ki a Papatuänuku me mätou. (Jo, you are right. These rocks have a spirit that connect us to Papatūānuku, to the land..).

Then Kiana went on telling the kohatu that when she gets her’s (and I haven’t told her I have already penciled in her birthday!) that her’s will be pink with her name on the back!! Got to love it…. so the little kohatu has found a home for now and no doubt Kiana will take it for walks around the garden and give it different homes..for now it’s resting under the harakeke.” Thanks for sharing Tracey – look forward to hearing what she has to say about this one!
Rā whānau ki a koe Kiana! Happy birthday Kiana! Anei tō kohatu māwhero hei taonga ataahua mōu. Here is your pink rock, a beautiful gift for you. Arohanui, Jo x
Mā te wā – until then,
Jo x

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