Day 2 of Te Matatini is over! Another wonderful day to be taking in some of Aotearoa’s finest kapahaka performers. Other than the amazing performances, I’m loving running into people I haven’t seen for ages and whanau who have come over from Taranaki – Yay Ria and Tamzyn, awesome to see you!! And – am looking forward to seeing all my whanaunga from Te Arawa on stage apopo…Te Arawa e!
The weather was kind of crazy though, one minute its hot as and then next minute its pouring with rain!! So if you’re coming tomorrow, be prepared!
koru hand painted rock
So I’m loving todays rock of the day! It took me 10 minutes to paint – very simple, but simple for me is beautiful. Often we forget the simple things and yet they are the most profound and meaningful. And this concentric circle form although simple has meaning that extends far and wide…
Koina taku mo tenei wa – that’s all from me for today!
Hei apopo – until tomorrow,
Jo 🙂

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