Few Words

This is the first rock ever that I have used black paint on. Nearly 13 years of painting rocks and I have never used black paint!
I think black for me has always been a colour of darkness, death and sadness. And there is that association with tangi because when you go to a tangi almost everyone is dressed in black! So a colour of mourning although I do think that that is a colonial thing, but that is a personal whakaaro…
koru hand painted rock
But! I really like how it has enhanced the orange and pink on this rock. And I have used black in my other art, just not on the rocks… not sure why…
Not feeling like sharing many words today so will allow my photo and rock to speak for me. By the way, the photo was taken in amongst our kamokamo plants which have come away quite nicely in the backyard!
Jo 🙂

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